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2. Life & Career Coaching

I specialise in guiding entry-level professionals through their personal and career journeys. My approach encompasses personal and professional development, helping you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.


Explore a range of services designed for those seeking personal fulfilment, entering the workforce or aiming for career growth.


Sessions include personalised sessions, goal setting and strategies to enhance skills and mindset.

The work focuses on your unique needs, helping you navigate personal and professional challenges with courage and creativity.


My coaching philosophy is very straightforward. Whilst coaching has been elevated to a luxury service where people are charged by the hundreds or thousands, I believe that regardless of the income everyone should have access to a professional when they need one. My fees reflect that. Additionally to being a life coach, I am a qualified counsellor, fully insured and with membership at BACP, one of the UK’s largest Counselling and Psychotherapy governing bodies. Please visit the Case Study section of the website to get a comprehensive image of the work we would to together.


Each individual has different needs, one might want a one off session for support figuring out what their next step in a transition might be, another might want a long term program to work on replacing negative behaviours, developing life or academic skills etc. Regardless if you would like a one off session or to work together short or long term, I offer a 15 minutes free consultation where we can understand how my services can be of use. This can be done over phone, Teams, Zoom or Skype. I usually have availability for these same day if needed.

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